Perfectly Baked Apples

When I was little and spent my winters at the country side with my grandparents, I used to eat these amazing baked quinces. My grandma would simply wipe them off with a cloth and put them in the hearth once the fire was nearly out. Needless to say the room would be immediately filled with […]

Positive Pregnancy Test

The thought of trying for a new baby after a miscarriage, no matter how it happened, is not an easy one. You might feel eager to try again or you might feel afraid of going through the whole thing again. You can even feel guilty for wanting to move on. Every little thing you feel […]

6 week 6 pack challenge

If you read my Bio you know that I have been struggling with getting in shape for the last 11 months. On the 1st of July, 2013, I began the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, exercising and kicking depression’s butt. A journey like the one I chose, is rarely a smooth one. The last 335 […]

Raw Cheesecake slice

Before joining Instagram and browsing hundreds accounts I had no idea what a raw dessert was or that it exists. Practically, it’s a dish that doesn’t require baking or cooking in any form. For summer that sounds great when you clearly don’t want to turn on the oven and stay in that heat until the […]

Mango Ice Cream Parfait

Usually for breakfast I like having fruit. Lots of fruit. What’s better than fruit? Fruit ice cream, of course! Add to your ice cream a toddler with a love for smoothies and anything cold and you’ve got yourself an endless list of breakfast ideas.


WARNING: There is a lot of TMI (too much information), so continue reading at your own risk. At the 13 weeks dating scan I was told the words no woman ever wishes to hear “I’m sorry, I cannot find a heart beat.” I was supposed to be 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant but our […]

Quinoa Pudding topped with blueberry coulis

Have you ever wanted something nice for breakfast, prepared everything you need and your tasting buds only to discover at the last minute you don’t have the main ingredient at hand? To me it happened more than once, to be honest. What I learnt (except to check for every ingredient before I make plans) is to […]


Level 3 – completed! Now I’ve noticed it said “lose 20 pounds” (~9 kgs). I really doubt I’ve lost that much weight. But, then again, I did not follow their meal plan. On the other hand, I guess 20 lbs is a little too much for my small frame (only 1.55 cm here). I still […]

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Every time I pass by Patisserie Valerie (a local French sweet bakery) I gaze at the chocolate mousses and cakes and gâteaux, forêt-noire, etc. If it’s not a cheat day meal, and most of the days of course it’s not, I walk by  sighing and counting the days until the next cheat meal. All I […]

Toasted Porridge with Ice cream

Let’s give it up for Master Porridge who warms up our chilli winter mornings and leaves us craving for some even in late spring. After a few warm day here in the U.K. a rainy week is upon us, therefore I am making more porridge lately. This one is with a twist: toasted oats aand […]


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